Bloomwise Mental Health Workshops

We provide workplaces and communities with bespoke, evidence-based mental health workshops.
By taking part in these workshops, you will:
• Promote good mental health and encourage an open organisational culture
•Tackle mental health stigma and discrimination
•Identify the risks of poor mental health

Available workshops:

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"Confident and knowledgeable speakers and at the same time open to talk about personal experiences helping other to feel comfortable to speak up too."
"I found myself yesterday whilst journaling expressing a lot of gratitude for the discussions that I had in the workshop I experienced. The workshop was so enlightening for me because everybody there had made the decision to attend, suggesting they also want to make a change to how people perceive mental health and the discussions had with people who I would not normally have social encounters with were hugely rewarding and it really reinforced we are moving in the right direction for fighting the mental health crisis.

I just wanted to reach out to show my appreciation for everything you are doing, so you can feel pride and can use it as a source of motivation."
"Introduced a new rhetoric concerning workplace stress and wellbeing. Instead of the usual 'see friends and family' and 'go for a walk', it was really helpful to have the time to reflect on what our stressors and destressors are."
"Thought the concepts in a really approachable way and made us use them in a non-threatening way."
"Offered some clear and up-to-date information followed by an opportunity to share our thoughts in a supportive environment. I learned a lot!"