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"Placing employee wellness and prosperity at the heart of our company culture has always been a key driver for MicrobesNG. By engaging with Bloomwise (a fellow University of Birmingham spin out company) MicrobesNG has been able to engage in mental health provisions for our staff in a real and tangible way. By hosting our employee diagnostic meetings Frankie and Paris were able to help define key development areas that would have real impact in the creation of the company Mental Health Plan. The workshops that they will deliver are aligned to our specific needs based on feedback from our team. As a wider result of our work with Bloomwise we have been able to build a whole calendar of mental heath activities around these workshops and from Bloomwise guidance.

We knew what we wanted to achieve in relation to employee mental health provisions, but we were lacking the framework within which to deliver that in a meaningful way. The Bloomwise team have enabled MicrobesNG to realise our potential as an employer who prioritise and delivers on employee mental health provisions. There is still work to be done and I'm glad to have the partnership with Bloomwise to support this moving forward in the years to come. Thank you to Frankie and Paris for being so responsive to our needs and for all of their work to date!"