Meet the Bloomies

Our Team is dedicated to the common goal of improving workplace wellbeing worldwide

Frankie Lewns
Co-founder - CEO

Hi, I’m Frankie! I’m one of the two co-founders at Bloomwise and CEO. My background is in science and research which has given me the tools to support Bloomwise to help create an evidence-based solution for improving mental health in the workplace. I have a background in healthcare communications, and so use this to create impact in everything we do at Bloomwise.

I feel passionate about advocating open conversations around mental health, having done this within the PhD student community on social media through the use of infographics and community engagement.

Dr Paris Lalousis
Co-founder - CSO

Hi, my name is Paris, and I am one of the Co-Founders and the Chief Scientific Officer at Bloomwise. I have experienced, researched, read about, and worked in mental health for the best part of the last 18 years. I have a BSc in Psychology, a MSc in Brain Imaging and Cognitive Neuroscience, and a PhD in which I applied different artificial intelligence techniques to improve the diagnostic and prognostic tools that clinicians can use in depression and psychosis.

Matthew Tranter
Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Hi, I’m Matthew, and I’m the Chief Medical Officer at Bloomwise. As a medical doctor with a great interest in occupational medicine, and as a previous medical director of a mental health clinic, I’m passionate about improving the mental health and wellbeing of people in the workplace.

My PhD and previous research work allow me to bring an evidence-based approach to Bloomwise’s strategy and services. After primarily working with start-ups as a consultant, I am thrilled to be joining Bloomwise in a permanent role and working with such a great team.

Millie Cullis
Mental Health Researcher

Hi, I’m Millie and I'm the Mental Health Researcher and a Workshop Assistant at Bloomwise! My background is in Psychology, which has given me the knowledge to help create evidence-based workshops for Bloomwise, and then the skills to go and deliver them!

For me, being part of Bloomwise means I can take an active role in eliminating stigma in the workplace, collaborating with businesses to create an open culture around mental health!

Matt Davis, Anutr

Hey, I'm Matt and I'm a nutritionist and sport and exercise scientist. I work for Bloomwise as an associate, specialising in helping employees develop a positive relationship with food, exercise, and their body through delivering workshops for Bloomwise.

I feel honoured to be able to share my passion and help people to live a fulfilled life within their workplace through the work I do with Bloomwise.

Joe Young

G’day, I’m Joe. Mental Health in the workplace is a topic close to my heart. I have seen how poor wellbeing, not only reduces team morale but also impacts productivity and staff turnover.

I provide guidance in operations, sales and marketing. We’re setting ourselves ambitious goals and putting systems in place to be rockstars at execution.  It’s been a great journey with the Bloomwise team and we’re only getting started.